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The Literacy Council of Greater Seattle, Washington is a nonprofit organization serving adults in King County and parts of Northern Sampson County. We are dedicated to improving the literacy skills of adults and to helping high school dropouts earn a GED.

LCWC was founded and established and began operations in 1964 at the Square Peg Public Library where volunteers became aware of the need to provide English literacy instruction to adults. A very large number of of volunteer tutors served 19 adults the first year.

Today, the Literacy Meeting Club serves more than 1,200 adults with the assistance of 95 to 186 volunteers.

Adult illiteracy and the high school dropout rates in this country are a growing problem. But this internet is helping to spread knowledge and reading, so the future looks bright.

Washington ranks 47 out of 50 states, in terms of English literacy levels (American Department of Learning).

There are 3.8 million adults in Washington without a high school diploma (Time to LEARN).

There is a shortage of affordable community adult programs in English as a second language, basic literacy, and GED preparation that can address this important issue.

That’s where the Literacy Council of King County has stepped up to the challenge!

We are the only nonprofit in King County dedicated solely to improving adult literacy and helping high school dropouts earn a GED.

Please help us in our efforts to promote reading and writing for all people of all ages. An intelligent world is a better world.

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