Seattle Washington Is A Fantastic City


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When you think of a great city on the west coast of the country, you will want to visit Seattle, Washington. This is a place that is known as a seaport city. With over 750,000 people calling Seattle their home, it is filled with great places to visit, entertainment, jobs, and a lot more to keep people happy.

The Economics And Growth

It is the largest metropolis on the coast and there is a lot to see and do. Since it is also known as the fastest growing city in the country, people are interested in learning more about it all the time. It’s also the 4th largest port in the US and there are jobs that attract many people to the area. There are older and more traditional companies in the area but there is also a surge of the technology and internet businesses that make up the abundance of available jobs.

Location Of Seattle, Washington

It is located in the northwest of the country. Surrounded by water, the land is hilly. The Puget Sound and Lake Washington are the waters that are around it and people love to enjoy all that they can in types of water sports and recreation.

The Climate

People that are visiting the area will enjoy a warm and temperate climate. They should always have clothing that will be comfortable for them at the time that they are traveling, as the seasons will see the rise and fall of temperatures. Any time that they are visiting Seattle, they will want to make sure that they have the proper footgear too. There is a lot to see and do so walking is a must.

Nicknamed The Emerald City

People will also call it the Gateway to Alaska and the City of Flowers. This is because they believe in the goodwill of the city being present at all times. The city is filled with culture, The Seattle Symphony, The Seattle Opera, and many museums are just a few of the offerings that visitors and residents can enjoy. This city also hosts a number of fairs throughout the year for people to take advantage of. People also take part in being fans of the sports teams like the Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders for football, baseball, and soccer.

Fun In The City

Discovery Park is where people gather for all types of events and fun. Myrtle Edwards Park is one that they visit in the downtown area because it is right on the waterfront with plenty of interesting places to visit. Getting from place to place in Seattle is easy with a car, the light rail, and by using public transportation so sightseeing is always something that can be completed on a regular basis. Carrying a cell phone and a camera is a good idea whenever people are visiting the area.

Education And Healthcare

In this city, people will have great choices for education and healthcare. The University of Washington is a popular advanced education option for people to attend. Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University are also options. The University of Seattle and the Harborview Medical Center, and the Seattle Children’s are used for the health and welfare of all people.

Visiting Or Living In Seattle, Washington

For people that are visiting or living in Seattle, Washington, they will be welcomed by people of diverse backgrounds. Hospitality and tourism is something that the city looks favorably upon. People of all ages are able to enjoy a lot of fun and excitement in a city that is always looking to improve in the future.

Making Seattle, Washington a stop on your next vacation is a good idea. You might also fall in love with it, just like many other people have and you’ll want to make it your home. Make sure that you see and do as much as you can because Seattle, Washington is a great place. Make sure that you have a great itinerary planned so that you can see and do as much as possible when you are in the area. You will love all that there is for you to enjoy and the people that make it all possible are wonderful to deal with.

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